Vegetable and Fruit packaging

Vegetable and Fruit packaging

The right packaging makes all the difference. Consistency and reliability are crucial factors when it comes to packaging solutions. We deeply understand that product and customer both need customized solutions. Choosing family business Remmert Dekker Packaging means choosing more than 120 years of craftsmanship.

As experts in fruit and vegetable packaging we are happy to help you select the correct high-quality packaging for your fresh produce. Contact us for advice and more information.

Fruit and vegetables are all about delivering the best quality. To get the products to the store nicely, good packaging is important. Cardboard packaging can be tailored to the logistics system of the grower and packer.


When it comes to fruit and vegetable packaging, quality is king. High-end packaging is essential to extend freshness and shelf-life, whether it be during transport to the store or on location. Cardboard fruit and vegetable packaging can easily be tailored to the logistics system of the grower and packer.

Types of fruit and vegetable packaging

Our packaging for fruit and vegetables is tailor-made in order to perfectly answer to your requirements. Possibilities include: cups, bowls, trays, punnetts, sleeves, boxes and crates. Each type of fresh produce packaging has a unique design. These designs can be expanded with additional functions such as handles, reclosable features and functions for dispensing and dosing.

The benefits at a glance

  • Specialist in fruit and vegetable packaging
  • Custom packaging design
  • Packaging solutions for every type of fruit and vegetable
  • Unlimited printing possibilities
  • Durable and environmentally friendly certified cardboard
  • Automated packaging available
  • Possibilities for mass-production

Sustainable fruit and vegetable packaging

Search Google for 'sustainable packaging Netherlands' you’ll come across our eco-friendly onion packaging soon. This is one example of our development in the field of fruit and vegetable packaging, out-of-the-box and innovative solutions that fit the contemporary sustainable industry.

Cardboard fruit and vegetable packaging

Fruit and cardboard make a great marriage. The fruit’s vivid colors come to life in brown kraft cardboard. The organic roots of cardboard harmonize wonderfully with the freshness and natural origin of fruit and vegetables and the possibilities for reuse and recycling fit the experience of fresh fruit. We use PEFC™ and FSC® cardboard types. Placing these logos on packaging for fruit and vegetables renders the sustainability of the packaging explicit, visible and clear.

Trends in fruit and vegetable packaging

Creative packaging is becoming increasingly important. Fruit and vegetable containers made of cardboard definitely are a trend. Color blocking cardboard containers with a division to separate colors, let’s say yellow and red snack tomatoes, are extremely popular. Remmert Dekker Packaging therefore offers a patented container for your products: the Dip Delicious. Does your company have an innovative idea for a new packaging or concept? We will happily brainstorm about realization and put our knowledge into practice concerning implementation.

Printed containers

Fruit and vegetable packaging comes to life with print. Printed containers make the product recognizable and supports once of the most important factors of your company: branding. Our packaging for fruit and vegetables leaves space for communication, such as a recipe of more information about the origins of the produce. By adding a message to your product, packaging becomes a marketing strategy.

Custom design

At Remmert Dekker Packaging, fruit and vegetable packaging is customized. You can create your own design or receive a tailored proposal. Based on many years of experience in fruit and vegetable packaging, we provide expert advice. A quick start and a satisfying result are therefore guaranteed.

Advantages of cardboard packaging at Remmert Dekker Packaging

  • Customized packaging for fruit and vegetables, perfectly aligned with product, logistics and marketing
  • Sustainability through decrease in use of plastic resulting in a healthy environment
  • Reliable packaging partner offering high-end service
  • Benefit from our knowledge and expertise as purveyor and family business

Questions about fruit and vegetable packaging

Cardboard offers many advantages when used for packaging of fruit and vegetables. In case you’d want more information about our fruit and vegetable packaging, sustainability protocols or printing options, we’ll be happy to answer any of your questions. Our sales department will provide you with in-depth details, so do not hesitate to contact us regarding questions or advice.

Well organized

  • Reliable service
  • Solution orientated
  • Full service