Asparagus packaging

Asparagus packaging

Asparagus are the macadamia nuts among vegetables. Healthy, nutritious and above all delicious. Consequently, asparagus deserve luxurious and though-through packaging. Are you looking for smart asparagus packaging to boost sales? Read about the requirements of a suitable asparagus container.

Types of asparagus packaging

Containers, trays and punnets are among the different packing solutions when asparagus are concerned. Do you want something unique? Opt for a to-go carrier for fresh asparagus. 

Choose suitable asparagus packaging

  • Do the asparagus have to be packed airtight?
  • How long is minimum shelf life?
  • Is packing done automatically or manually?
  • What are important requirements of your asparagus containers?
  • Does packaging offer options for brand experience and communication?

Cardboard packaging for your asparagus

Cardboard containers are an exemplary solution to boost asparagus sales at retail. Natural cardboard offers your product the organic appearance it needs to attract consumers. Moreover, asparagus perfectly fit together in a cardboard tray, sleeve or punnet. Finally, packaging can be closed by means of top seal, wrap film or cardboard lid in order to enhance consumer experience.

Benefits at a glance

  • Sustainable and tailor-made packaging for your asparagus
  • Specialist in environmentally friendly fruit and vegetable packaging
  • Facilitating partner who understands your mission and vision

Want to pack your asparagus?

Have you made a decision yet? If not, don’t worry. We’d love to provide you with more information and help you obtain the packaging you have in mind. We believe the sky is the limit, especially when it comes to heavenly asparagus. Want to tackle the market and boost your sales? Contact us.

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