Eco-friendly takeout containers

Eco-friendly takeout containers

So, you are going to serve food. Naturally, you need crockery. Disposable tableware is very convenient but not always as environmentally friendly as you want it to be. However, eco-friendly takeout containers have become a reality! In case of questions we are happy to help you if you contact us.

Curious about eco-friendy disposables?

Read on and we’ll answer the following questions:

  • What are disposables? 
  • What materials can be used for eco-friendly takeout containers?
  • Which requirements should environmentally friendly disposable packaging meet?
  • How do I choose the best sustainable disposable food containers?


What are disposables?

Disposables are single use consumer items. Many disposables are made of plastic: plastic containers, plastic cups, plastic plates, plastic crockery. Disposables are obviously useful but can they also be sustainable?

Care for the environment

Society is obviously paying more attention to climate and environment. Disposables can contribute to pollution and destruction of natural resources on Earth when used incorrectly. Of course, we don’t want that: we want a healthy planet. Fortunately, disposals can be used differently. Eco-friendly takeout containers present a sustainable substitute and thus a step towards the prevention of pollution and waste of raw materials. Where to start?

Advantages of cardboard disposables

  • Prevents litter
  • Sustainable appearance
  • Natural material
  • Possibilities to add experience with printing
  • PEFC™ and FSC® cardboard available
  • Renewable and recyclable

Durable and sustainable

Durable cardboard disposals

One of the biggest concerns these days is plastic litter. We’ve all seen the images of plastic soup in oceans and animals suffering because of our waste. That’s why Remmert Dekker Packaging mainly uses cardboard. Eco-friendly takeout containers made of cardboard contribute to the reduction of plastic litter and therefore reduce the negative consequences of waste. Cardboard is biodegradable and offers the possibility to recycle the eco-friendly takeout containers. Cardboard disposables are therefore better for the environment we live in. More and more consumers prefer cardboard over plastic and choose sustainable disposable food containers, plates and trays made of cardboard.

Renewable material for sustainable packaging

Renewable means that material can be produced again. Cardboard is a good example of a renewable material and therefore ideal for eco-friendly takeout containers. As cardboard is made from trees and trees are being replanted, wood will always be available. Plastic on the other hand is an example of non-renewable material. Crude oil resources will not indefinitely be available and disposables made of plastic are therefore not sustainable.

Certified materials and sustainable disposals

From a renewable perspective, cardboard is a very environmentally friendly material. It’s a natural material and therefore suitable for eco-friendly takeout containers. PEFC™ and FSC® labels provide proof of sustainable forest management and trees are being replanted according to special programs: no tree is lost. If you use cardboard from PEFC™ or FSC® forests, you can put these labels on your packaging. In this way, you demonstrate to consumers that your environmentally friendly takeout containers are certified and made of sustainable cardboard.

Reuse and recycling of sustainable disposables

If your food container is recyclable, it immediately becomes a lot more environmentally friendly. Packaging can be optimized for recycling by taking the choice of materials into account within the design. Use as much mono material as possible. This means using one and the same material for packaging solutions. By using one material only, recycling becomes much easier than if you were to use different types of material. Are you using recyclable disposals? Put it on the packaging. One possibility is a throw-away guide.

Remmert Dekker Packaging

Our products

We currently produce large numbers of French fry trays and snack containers for various fast food restaurants and snack companies in the Netherlands. We also deliver large numbers of tapas dishes. All these trays are printed, stackable and highly efficient. Our French fry containers even have integrated sauce compartments. Take our patented Dip Delicious; a perfectly sustainable disposable while super user-friendly at the same time. Our family business also produces meal boxes for restaurants and catering companies. A good example is the take-away sandwich packaging for hot dog sandwiches. This sustainable packaging has a specifically design compartment to store a fork. We also create deluxe disposables and biodegradable packaging.

Order, delivery and stock

We deliver ready-to-use products to every address throughout the Netherlands. The exact amount that you need for your company. Cardboard to-go trays, eco-friendly disposable trays, sustainable takeout containers, you name it. When your stock has almost finished, we’ll deliver new disposables to you in no time. Due to initial processing costs, orders can be placed starting at 5,000 pieces.


Of course, the costs or your sustainable disposals are very important. Remmert Dekker Packaging produces tailored-made eco-friendly takeout containers and we therefore have no fixed prices. The number and elaboration of the specific durable containers are important variables when it comes to calculation of the final price. We calculate a free quotation based on your specific request; this quotation is non-binding.

All benefits at a glance

  • Customized disposables
  • Specialist in food packaging
  • Tailored to your requirements
  • Fast delivery times
  • Large orders possible
  • Reliable and knowledgeable

Action required

Want to know more?

As you’ve read, there are many factors which influence real eco-friendly takeout containers. May you have questions about sustainable disposals, please let us know. We’re always eager to improve and innovate. Our packaging company has a green mission and we want to help you achieve the same thing: realize sustainable packaging to be proud of!

Go for it! 

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