Horti Packaging

Horti Packaging

We make horti packaging especially for flowers and plants that feel at their best in a packaging made of sustainable cardboard. Are you looking for cardboard boxes, pinch sleeves, cardboard trays for cuttings, shipping boxes, flower trays or display boxes? Then read on or ask your question right away!

Horti packaging

Flower packagingFlowers shine the best is a cardboard packaging with a print. How about a plug-in card for gerberas. Cardboard vases for bouquets are also possible. We like to think "out of the box". Orchids also lend themselves well to cardboard display orchid packaging. Gift packaging for flower bulbs also work well with nice printing.

Plant packaging

Garden plants and house plants must be well protected. Cardboard trays can be used in the logistics process. Display boxes made of cardboard with a print ensure that plants and cuttings are sold faster. Seducing the consumer through beautiful packaging.

Sustainable horti packaging

Cardboard is a natural packaging material. It has the advantage that it is compostable and naturally degradable. This makes it a good choice for environmentally friendly packaging. Lately it has become increasingly urgent and important to use less plastic and to offer packaging as sustainably as possible. You are assured of this with a box, tray, container or tray made of cardboard.

Printed horti packaging

In addition to being naturally degradable, cardboard is also very good to print on. Applying branding directly to the packaging greatly increases brand value and experience. At Remmert Dekker Packaging we work with modern offset printing presses that print a full-color spectrum on the packaging and supplement this with Pantone PMS color-fast colors.

Cost efficient horti packaging

Creative and innovativeForget the standard package. At Remmert Dekker Packaging you have your packaging tailored to your specifications by our smart structural designers. This means that you are involved in the design process and can put all your wishes into the packaging in a customized way. By designing to size, we ensure that packaging perfectly matches the logistics chain. This makes it easy to realize savings by reducing the use of materials, materials and operations.

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