Deep fried snack trays and hamburger containers with print

Deep fried snack trays and hamburger containers with print

Febo has been so excited to switch from yellow plastic containers to food safe printed cardboard boxes. Better for the environment, because these containers are compostable. Fast food has become more hip and sustainable!
The baking tray has an integrated sauce compartment in the cardboard box. This is a patented invention of the Remmert Dekker Packaging design studio and is called Dip Delicious ©. The durable Dip Delicious © tray is available in sizes A7 + 1, A9 + 1, A20 + 1 and A50 + 1. The boxes are also very suitable for kibbeling.
Stuffed cardboard hamburger bowls are made of kraft or fat-resistant cardboard, all food suitable. The hamburger bins are double-clipped tapered containers with a closure and have a good insulation. Hamburger bins can be made in durable solid cardboard and corrugated cardboard.
For frozen foods that fall into printed boxes, other food safety requirements apply. For this purpose, Remmert Dekker Packaging uses wet-proof and moisture-proof cardboard.

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