Chocolate and Bonbon Packaging

Chocolate and Bonbon Packaging

 Chocolate and packaging have a hate-love relationship. Chocolate quickly absorbs flavor, which makes it tasteless. Chocolate boxes and bins must therefore be made of the right cardboard, food-grade inks, lacquers and glue.
But then about love! Chocolate needs a beautiful luxury packaging that strikes that it's a real delicacy. As a chocolate lover, we make the most beautiful gift box for you with passion.
Spoke about true love; Pack your raw chocolate into a durable sleeve or box or durable tray! With kraftkarton we make enormous tough packaging for chocolate!
Also for sending mail, chocolates, easter eggs and bonbon nets, we have beautiful luxury yet sturdy packages. For example, in a nice letterbox box we put the chocolates with an interior so they come close to your customer.

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Packaging will be customized to your specific needs. The minimum quantity per order is 5.000 units*
* Exceptions apply to test runs and trial orders. Info: