Add color to your packaging with full color printing. Remmert Dekker uses mineral oil-free, low-migration printing inks and varnishes, also free of Bisphenol A/S.

The power of printing

With a print, the packaging really comes to life. By opting for printed packaging, the product is attractive and immediately recognisable. There is also space on the packaging for communication such as a recipe or more information about the origin. It literally gives a product a message, which gives it more value. Printing therefore contributes to a strong brand story and stopping power for the shelf.

Vegetable ink

There are many stories about vegetable inks. Ink can be made on the basis of mineral oils and/or on the basis of vegetable oils. We only speak of vegetable inks if they are 100% free of mineral oils.

Knowing more?

Are you looking for sustainable and environmentally friendly packaging? Remmert Dekker has extensive experience in making innovative packaging from sustainable materials. You can reach us via our contact page.