Coronavirus update

Coronavirus update

As the Corona virus spreads over the world we closely monitor the development of the epidemic. Coronavirus has had no impact on Remmert Dekker Packaging’s production to serve our customers in a timely manner. Coronavirus does not have an effect on the safety of our products. 

Precautionary measures

We have updated our employee guidelines based on the most recent information from the Dutch authorities. Employees are instructed to closely monitor their health, stay home if not feeling well and to pay special attention to hand hygiene. All business travel has been cancelled. Remmert Dekker Packaging has a contingency plan in place regarding production, sourcing and logistics operations. A few key items are listed below:

  • Office personnel, including sales and production planning can work from home offices.
  • We have prepared precautionary action plans at our production plant.
  • To ensure raw material availability, Remmert Dekker Packaging has at least two suppliers for all main materials.
  • Regarding transport for deliveries to our clients Remmert Dekker Packaging works at least with two transport companies and their capacity is monitored weekly.
  • Only employees of Remmert Dekker are allowed to enter Remmert Dekker office and production plant.

Next steps

Safety first

Remmert Dekker Packaging has established a team to monitor the development of the epidemic and guidelines issued by authorities, to share information and best practices within Remmert Dekker as well as to instruct employees to implement necessary safety measures.

Our partners

Remmert Dekker has been in contact with our suppliers to access and monitor for indications of potential stock shortage due to the outbreak. For the time being there are no delivery problems and measures have been taken to minimize the risk of such situation in the near future.

Latest news

Remmert Dekker Packaging is applying the guidelines and instructions from the Dutch government and Dutch Institute for health and environment (RIVM). We will continue to closely monitor the situation and will inform you in case there are new developments. If you have any questions regarding the situation please contact us through mail or phone.

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